Tectyl rustprotection for the automotive industry

In 2020, LHG Group entered a collaboration with Valvoline Europe on the distribution of the Tectyl rust protection concept. The Tectyl brand is owned by Valvoline and the Tectyl rust protection chain has existed in Denmark for more than 30 years.

The Tectyl rust protection chain is gathered in the organization Tectyl Danmark – The chain is constantly growing.

The Tectyl Centers collaborate with a wide range of car importers, car dealerships and car workshops. In order to ensure the quality of the rust protection treatments carried out by the Tectyl centers, the chain collaborates with the Danish Technological Institute, which regularly carries out controls of the treatments.

The Tectyl brand is an international brand and is represented in several countries. In the Nordics, a joint collaboration has been established in 2020 where Norway, Sweden and Denmark collaborate on e.g. knowledge sharing and marketing.

Tectyl products for the automotive industry

Become Tectyl Partner 

As a Tectyl Partner, you get the opportunity to earn good money every time you refer one of your customers to the nearest Tectyl center.

All you have to do to obtain this profit is to book the customer via Tectyl's website, then we will pick up the car and deliver it back to you when it has been treated. Simply.

As a Tectyl Partner you get:

  • A strong concept and additional income
  • Targeted additional sales
  • New customers and retention of existing ones
  • Access to easy booking system
  • Advantageous times when booking
  • Simple IT setup
  • Increased credibility/loyalty with your customers
  • Increased marketing value