Wind power industry

The wind turbine industry uses rust protection products to protect the metal parts of the wind turbines. The rust protection is used in the factories that produce the wind turbines, as well as during storage and transport of the modules. This is, among other things, to ensure a longer lifetime of the wind turbines.

Wind turbines are exposed to all weather conditions, therefore regular inspection is necessary. It is the service fitter's task to ensure that the metal parts are continuously checked and treated with a rust protection product.

Both SUVO and Tectyl rust protection products are used in the wind turbine industry.

Sustainable rust protection for wind turbines

In collaboration with the Danish wind turbine giant Vestas, LHG group has developed special rust protection products for the wind turbine industry. Which means that the SUVO products now are used globally in Vestas internal organization and with Vestas' sub-suppliers.

In close cooperation with Grene Wind Industry Suppliers A/S, LHG Group has worked successfully to spread the green, environmentally friendly SUVO Non Nafta Antirust product to several of the world's wind turbine manufacturers as well as sub-suppliers to the emerging industry. The SUVO Non Nafta product is used in Europe, also in China, India, South America and will in the coming years be launched in the USA and other countries where wind turbine technology is gaining ground. Read more about Grene W.I.S and rust protection in the wind turbine industry here.

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