3. marts 2022
Af Simon Dinsen Hansen, Jern- og maskinindustrien

Danish rust protection is blowing with the wind into the world

LHG Group A/S in Holstebro sees great potential in increased sales of the rust protection product, Suvo Non Nafta to the wind turbine industry.

RUST PROTECTION: The Danish rust protection product, SUVO Non Nafta is growing, however we are speeding up the sale of the sustainable product, which extends the life of wind turbine components.

- Says Palle Pedersen, CEO of the company LHG Group, which develops and sells rust protection as well as application equipment for rust protection products.

Strong cooperation

The enhanced prevalence of environmentally friendly rust protection is carried forward by LHG´s collaboration with the technology and tool supplier, Grene Wind Industry Supplies A/S (GWIS) from Ryomgård in Djursland.

Since 2012, LHG has been in close alliance with GWIS, in the work aimed at spreading the SUVO Anti-rust product to several of the world´s wind turbine manu-facturers as well as subcontract-tors. Right now, GWIS is in-creasing its activities in the wind industry.

-We are facing a huge growth in the wind turbine industry, and GWIS has a distributor agree-ment with us. Therefore, we expect a clear growth within these products, says Palle Pedersen, who is extremely satisfied with the interaction with GWIS. 

-It is a big task for a small com-pany like ours to get around the world with SUVO Non Nafta. Therefore, the collaboration with GWIS fits us very well, he says.

Focus on the environment

When there is a strong belief in increased sales of SUVO Non Nafta it is, according to the direc-tor, caused by we right now are in a time where sustainability and environment in general goes hand in hand everywhere.  

-When we think of sustainability in LHG, we think about the importance of preserving the processed materials, Palle Pe-dersen says. He points out that once ore and raw materials is extracted from the soil and processed into usable metal, it is most of all important to preserve it as long as possible.

The wind turbine industry has for a long time already acknowled-ged the benefits of protecting turbines and components. Today, especially SUVO Non Nafta is used globally at some of the worlds largest wind turbine manufacturers and at their subcontractors. The product from LHG is, according to Palle Pedersen, used as protection of the metal, roughly 360 degrees round, in connection with wind turbine production. That is, at the manufacturer, both as transport protection and as a maintenance product when the turbines are serviced.

-The LHG product is even entered in the production manuals used at several of the wind turbine manufacturers, Palle Pedersen explains.

Likewise, he points out that the environmentally friendly anti-corrosion products also are a benefit to the work environment.

No petrol

SUVO Non Nafta is fulfilling ISO standards for rust protection. Likewise, Mads Raahede, who is in front of LHG´s industrial department, confirms that the product spares the environment

-It is easy to apply and easy to completely remove again with-out use of, for example, petrol or other aggressive cleaning pro-ducts, Mads Raahede says.

He elaborates – We have a wide product range within the Industrial area, also traditional products. We are happy to deliver the whole package. We do, for example, also offer the right spraying equipment, which we produce ourselves, Mads Raahede explains.