Equipment for rustprotection

An important part of LHG Group's business areas is the development, production and repair of application equipment for rust protection products.

In order to achieve the correct layer thickness/dosing of the rust protection products and thereby the best result, all the equipment for application in the automotive industry and the industrial sector is specially developed by LHG Group.

LHG Group has its own development and repair workshop from which various application equipment such as application handles, lances, hoses and dosing nozzles are developed to suit the work tasks. At the same time, LHG Group are also experts in equipment repairs.

40 year of experience in the automotive industry

For more than 40 years, LHG Group has provided equipment and repair solutions to the rust protection centers throughout the rust protection industry. In order to avoid production stoppages, LHG Group offers a service agreement to the rust protection centers in order to carry out service inspections on all equipment.

If you are interested in hearing more about the equipment and/or the service agreement, you are welcome to contact Technical Service Manager, Chris Jensen.

Teknisk servicechef

Chris Jensen

Tel. +45 24 20 85 15