Rustprotection for the automotive industry


LHG Group A/S has many years of experience within rust protection for the automotive industry.

Over time metal rusts and the Nordic climate in Denmark is especially rough on the cars which are often built for completely different climatic conditions than the Danish. The vehicles are exposed every day to high humidity and occasionally road salt due to the Danish weather conditions, which start the corrosion process.

To counteract rust and corrosion, it is important to protect the vehicles with a preventive rust protection treatment.

LHG Group represents two rust protection brands within the automotive industry, SUVO and Tectyl.
Overall, the two rust protection brands have almost 60 rust protection centers spread across the country.

Common to the brands is a great focus on good quality and professional craftsmanship, which is why all SUVO and Tectyl centers use approved rust protection products, professional application equipment and use treatment charts that ensure correct treatment. The centers are also subject to impartial checks for rust protection.

Nordic Antirust

Nordic Antirust is a joint project for the centers associated with LHG Group A/S. Respectively the rust protection concepts - SUVO Rust protection and Tectyl Rust protection.

Nordic Antirust is a visionary community that brings together the independent rust protection skills in a unique and professional team, where the focus is sustainability principles. At Nordic Antirust, we see it as our joint mission to contribute to a green transition and the circular economy. We do that, among other things, by taking good care of the vehicles that have already been produced as well as the vehicles that will be produced in the future.

Our common task is to make the extracted raw material ore, which is processed into usable metal, last as long as possible. While the recycling value that lies waiting in the metal is as high as possible - We do this by protecting the metals against rust and corrosion.

At Nordic Antirust, we have a community of experienced centers and product suppliers who are focused on providing the best for everyone involved so that our joint mission is a continuous success.

All associated centers are independent companies. The centers represent respectively SUVO Rust Protection and Tectyl Rust Protection. The community is driven forward through a strong commitment from both the product supplier and the individual chassis center.

Become a center for rust protection

As SUVO or Tectyl center, you become part of a free chain concept, where the individual center is owned and operates as an independent center.

When you are part of a free chain concept, whether it is SUVO or Tectyl, you are a part of a strong professional network we call Nordic Antirust with LHG Group as a 360-degree total supplier. LHG Group provides knowledge and professional skills, so you are well equipped to advise your customers whether you have or haven’t prior knowledge and experience of rust protection.

All rust protection products in both brands are developed and approved according to international standard tests, such as SIS norm and ISO standard.

In order to optimize everyday life for the rust protection centers, all centers at LHG Group are connected to a specially developed IT system for customer and center management. At the same time, products and application equipment are continuously developed in order to constantly optimize the work processes.

Quality is one of the keywords of LHG Group's foundation, which is why all centers are associated with quality control by The Danish Technological Institute and/or FDM control.

As a SUVO or Tectyl center you get, among other things:

  • Access to the marketing department
  • Access to schedule of treatment
  • IT platform
  • Approved products
  • A fantastic network
  • A supplier with a strong focus on the rust protection industry
  • Help with environmental management

If you are thinking about establishing a center, contact Carsten for further information.

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