SUVO rustprotection for the automotive industry

With a strong focus on good craftsmanship and professional customer care, SUVO is among the largest rust protection chains in Denmark, united in the organization SUVO Danmark. The SUVO brand is owned by LHG Group and has existed for more than 40 years.

SUVO Danmark cooperates with a wide range of car importers, car dealerships and car workshops. Furthermore, SUVO Denmark's centers collaborate with FDM's control of rust protection, as part of the ongoing work to ensure a high quality of the rust protection treatments made by the SUVO Centers.

SUVO Lithuania

SUVO rust protection is also represented in Lithuania. In 2019, the first SUVO center opened in Lithuania - Today there are 7 SUVO centers, all established according to Danish standards.

SUVO products for the automotive industry

Become an SUVO business partner

Offer your customers additional services and create growth in your company. With SUVO rust protection, your customers are guaranteed quality products with Denmark's longest rust guarantee. Establish a partnership with your local SUVO center and get satisfied customers.

Many advantages with SUVO partnership

  • Targeted additional sales
  • Access to booking system
  • Advantageous times when booking
  • Help with marketing material
  • A strong concept