Tectyl™ 5765W-A

Version: TE060/03

Premium water based, quick drying, corrosion preventative compound

Tectyl 5765W-A is a waterborne, thixotropic, filled, quick drying, (co)polymer dispersion based underbody coating.

Tectyl 5765W-A is developed as an abrasion resistant underbody coating for buses and truck cabins. It is also suitable for complete undercoating of containers, trailers, caravans and other recreational vehicles.

Tectyl 5765W-A is also an excellent sealant for wooden floors of buses, trucks, caravans etc.

Tectyl 5765W-A cures to a dark-grey colored, abrasion resistant, resilient, firm film.

Approvals/Performance levels

Accelerated Corrosion tests: @ Average recommended DFT
Accelerated Corrosion tests:

Salt Spray; 5 % NaCl @ 35°C; ISO 9227 NSS
(EC Panels)
At least 21 days

Humidity; 100 % RH; @ 40°C; ISO 6270-2 CH
(EC Panels)
At least 21 days

Estimated Protection Period: Outdoor: 36 months



Surface preparation

The maximum performance of Tectyl 5765W-A can be achieved only when the surfaces to be protected are clean, dry and free of rust and oil and mill scale. Valvoline recommends a substrate temperature of 10-35 °C at the time of product application. Non-galvanized steel and raw aluminum must be protected with an anticorrosion primer prior to application of Tectyl 5765W-A.


Tectyl 5765W-A is formulated to be used as supplied. Ensure uniform consistency prior to use. Avoid contamination with other products in
pumps and lines. Valvoline recommends that the ambient and product temperature be 10-35°C at the time of product application. Do not thin Tectyl 5765W-A. For application Tectyl 5765W-A Valvoline recommends airless. Details on application can be found in the application chart.


Tectyl 5765W-A is not intended for removal. In the wet phase Tectyl 5765W-A can be removed with water or Tectyl Biocleaner or low-pressure steam. If dried and cured, the film cannot be removed.