Tectyl™ 1079

Version: TE046/02

Premium general purpose, corrosion preventive compound

Tectyl 1079 is a light colored, solvent cutback, wax based, paint preservative compound.

Tectyl 1079 protects painted surfaces against atmospheric and environmental influences during transportation and storage.

Tectyl 1079 cures to a light colored, translucent, firm film.

Approvals/Performance levels

Accelerated Corrosion tests: @ Average recommended DFT
Accelerated Corrosion tests:

Salt Spray; 5 % NaCl @ 35°C; ISO 9227 NSS
(Q-Panels, Type R, ASTM A1008)
At least 2 days

Humidity; 100 % RH; @ 40°C; ISO 6270-2 CH
(Q-Panels, Type R, ASTM A1008)
At least 15 days

Estimated Protection Period: Indoor: 12 months
Outdoor: 6 months



Surface preparation

The maximum performance of Tectyl 1079 can be achieved only when the metal surfaces to be protected are clean, dry and free of rust, oil and mill scale. Before application of the Tectyl 1079 the painted surfaces should be properly cured. It is recommended to test the painted surfaces, the rubbers and the synthetic parts if they are solvent resistant before application of the Tectyl 1079.


Tectyl 1079 is formulated to be used as supplied. It is recommended that the ambient and product temperature be 10-35 °C at the time of product application. Tectyl 1079 can be applied by airless or low-pressure air spray. Details on application can be found in the application chart.


Tectyl 1079 can in the wet phase be removed with Tectyl Biocleaner, Valvoline 150 or lowpressure steam. If dried and cured the film of Tectyl 1079 can be removed with Valvoline 150. Attention: If the applied surface is placed under direct sunlight, the material has to be removed within 3 months and re-applied otherwise removal will be difficult.