Rust and corrosion protection for the automotive industry and industrial sector

LHG Group A/S is a Danish company which was established more than 45 years ago. LHG Group develops, distributes and produces rust protection products as well as equipment for applying rust protection products.

One of the company's mottos is "It is our nature to protect the values"

A scarce resource

Metal is a scarce resource, therefore it is the LHG Group's mission, in collaboration with our partners in the automotive and industrial sectors, to protect and extend the life of the metal.

Rust and corrosion protection of cars

In the automotive industry LHG Group collaborates with SUVO Denmark and Tectyl Denmark at the Danish and Nordic markets.

Rust and corrosion protection in the industrial sector

In the industrial sector, with a particular focus on the wind power industry, LHG Group collaborates with Grene Wind Industry Supply – A collaboration that brings LHG Group's quality rust protection products around the world.


LHG Group develop application equipment for rust protection products both within the automotive and industrial sectors.

Knowledge and skills

LHG Group is a company with a strong focus on knowledge sharing. In the daily work, LHG Group collect and share the knowledge which continuously come from all the business partners.