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Tectyl™ Multipurpose 506

Version: TE074/01

Premium solvent based, corrosion preventive compound in aerosol

TECTYL MULTIPURPOSE 506 is a wax based, solvent cutback, amber colored corrosion preventive compound which is supplied in an aerosol spray can.

TECTYL MULTIPURPOSE 506 has good water displacing properties and good penetration, making it very suitable as a versatile corrosion protective providing a wide variety of applications: Automotive, Marine, Household and Industrial.

TECTYL MULTIPURPOSE 506 cures to an amber colored, waxy, semi-firm translucent film.

Approvals/Performance levels

Accelerated Corrosion tests: @ Average recommended DFT
Accelerated Corrosion tests:

Salt Spray; 5 % NaCl @ 35°C; ISO 9227 NSS
(Q-Panels, Type R, ASTM A1008)
21+ days

Humidity; 100 % RH; @ 40°C; ISO 6270-2 CH
(Q-Panels, Type R, ASTM A1008)
75+ days

Estimated Protection Period: Indoor: 36 months
Outdoor: 18 months



Surface preparation

The maximum performance of TECTYL MULTIPURPOSE 506 can be achieved only when the metal surfaces to be protected are clean, dry and free of rust, oil and mill scale and a substrate temperature of 10-35 °C at the time of product application.


TECTYL MULTIPURPOSE 506 gives a maximum performance when it is sprayed at an ambient and product temperature of 10-25 °C. Shake the can with TECTYL MULTIPURPOSE 506 well before use and spray at a distance of approximately 25 cm from the surface. As the TECTYL
MULTIPURPOSE 506 is a fast drying product this can cause “pin-holing” when the product is applied too thick at once. Valvoline advises to spray one layer per pass, wait for 2 to 3 minutes and then spray another layer. Continue like this until the required film thickness has been obtained.


TECTYL MULTIPURPOSE 506 can be removed with mineral spirits or any similar petroleum solvent, hot alkaline wash or low pressure steam. If dried and cured the film of TECTYL MULTIPURPOSE 506 can also be removed with Tectyl Biocleaner.